Hey there! I'm Nikki!

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist


A few things about me:

Most days you can find me at home, hanging out with my kiddos, Ella, Mary & Ethan. Cup of coffee in hand+building blocks+podcast playing in the background is a great way to enjoy a morning. 

I believe that everything is figureoutable (is that a word?). Anyway, if you don't know the answer, figure it out! Research, ask, trial and error. If there's a will, there's a way. I've surprised myself a few times, haha! 

I am known for loving lists. It keeps me going! The satisfaction of crossing off items is delightful. I have lists for most everything, and I find if I have a list,  I accomplish more. 

I am passionate about reading, learning, taking care of my family, traveling and of course, massage. Helping others.

I love to serve those who have pain. Maybe you recently got an injury and want it to heal more quickly. Maybe you sit a lot at work and your back is often sore and tight. Maybe you hold your stress in your neck and shoulders and now have headaches because of it. Maybe you're an athlete and want to increase your range of motion to be a better player. Maybe you have had chronic pain for years and are looking for a solution. Whatever pain it may be, I can help with massage. This is my passion, it lights me up. 


I have always had an interest in helping people. In high school, I knew I wanted to do something in the health care field but couldn't put my thumb on exactly what that was. In my mind, Massage Therapy was always there, then after college didn't pan out I decided to pursue Massage next.

I fell in love. I love learning about the body, the systems, how we work, but especially how our muscles function. I loved learning how to help people live pain free, happier lives! 

I graduated from CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School & Clinic in May of 2014. I learned necessary information and skills in Human Anatomy & Physiology, Ethics, Business Classes, Relaxation Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology and Spa Techniques.

After graduation, I worked for a private Massage Therapy company gaining necessary experience and honing in on my skills.

Then, in January 2017 I took the leap and opened Encompass Therapeutic Massage. I have been living my dream helping people get back on their feet, recover from pain and stay healthy! I am here for you, whether you want to relax or be free from your limitations. 

Where is Encompass Therapeutic Massage?


Call with any questions! 612.910.5885