One of the first questions clients ask when I first meet them is Why Massage?? From the outside it may seem boring, or like I do the same thing over and over again, day after day. For me, it's so much more then that. Let me explain why.


In high school, while trying to choose a career path, I knew I wanted to help people. I know that each career helps people with a problem, but I was thinking healthcare. As I pursued this, nothing quite clicked. Massage was always there in the back of my mind, so I decided to jump for it! This took me to CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School & Clinic. I moved to Minnesota, and dove in. As soon as I started school I knew that I found what my heart wanted to do. I never questioned massage school like I had others. Not only that, but they taught me specifically how to work on injuries and help people with pain. This REALLY makes each massage unique. No massage is the same. Ever. CenterPoint does a great job teaching, and I really think I received an excellent education. 


Have you ever thought about the body you live in? Your body works day after day, minute after minute, without you thinking about it. There is so much going on, from breathing to moving muscles. The body is very fascinating. And beyond that, the everyone's body is personalized. It's your own. Whenever I work on a new client, the experience is it's own, every time.

For me, this is far from boring. Along with everyone having their own body, everyone has their own unique experiences, including overuse, injuries and traumas. It's my job to find those traumas and injuries and to help your body heal them. 


Another reason I love my career is because I LOVE to educate. And believe it or not, most people know very little about their bodies, the home they live in. I get especially nerdy while explaining how muscles work, what their names are, how they get injured and how I can help injured muscles (many, many blog posts to come on all of that). Clients become my students (if they are interested), and this also helps me remember what I need to.

Getting a  break through in your pain, helping you move easier, or have less headaches is what keeps me going. I may even do a fist pump during the session. Haha! I am so happy I chose this career. It's my passion, and I hope that someday, I can help you.