Say Hello to our Team!

Nikki L'Esperance

Nikki L’Esperance, LMT, Owner

Nikki graduated from CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School & Clinic in April 2014. Having learned a lot about Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy, she started working for a small practice in Plymouth, MN where she stayed for three years, honing her skill. She gained lots of experience working on injuries and chronic pain, and fell in love with helping people get back on their feet and live a quality life-without pain. After her second baby was born, she decided to take the leap and start Encompass Therapeutic Massage. Shortly thereafter, her family made the move home to the UP where she grew up and Encompass made the move to Calumet.

She loves to serve those in pain. Maybe you recently got an injury and want it to heal more quickly. Maybe you sit a lot at work and your back is often sore and tight. Maybe you hold your stress in your neck and shoulders and now have headaches because of it. Maybe you're an athlete and want to increase your range of motion to be a better player. Maybe you have had chronic pain for years and are looking for a solution. Whatever pain it may be, she can help with massage. This is her passion, and watching you go through the healing journey and live a life pain-free lights her up.

On her days off, you could find her at home, hanging out with her kiddos, Ella, Mary & Ethan. Cup of coffee in hand+building blocks+podcast playing in the background is a great way to enjoy a morning. 

She is passionate about reading, learning, teaching, taking care of her family, traveling and of course, massage. Helping others. She also enjoys baking and putting together a yummy dessert.


Trina Eskola

Trina has been the glue for Encompass Therapeutic Massage. She helps with the back end work and bringing Nikki’s visions to life. If Nikki has an idea, Trina will run with it and execute perfectly. She makes our products, posts on social media, and is the face you get to see when you come in for an appointment.

Trina is still in high school so she spends lots of time there, with her friends and travelling to the lower peninsula to visit her boyfriend.


Johanna Tolkkinen, LMT

Johanna graduated from The Institute of Natural Therapies in 2014. She has done massage on and off since then, and has been at Encompass Therapeutic Massage since April 2019. She doesn’t have a favorite type of massage, it’s more the feeling that she may have helped you feel better or healthier through massage. Even if it’s for any sort of time- physically, mentally, or emotionally,- coming from whatever type of massage you want or need that day. In other words, what you need on any given day is what she will give. Massage customized for you.

In her free time, Johanna loves spending time with her husband, as well as writing, reading, drawing and listening to music. She also enjoys the outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting or snowshoeing!

Photo by Brita Caroline Photography


Esther Ruggles, LMT

Her Mantra: A little more Kindness. A little less Judgment.

Esther is 28 years old and originally from Seattle, Washington. This will be her 8th winter in the Upper Peninsula and her first winter in the Keewenaw. She has a 2 year old dog named Scout. She graduated massage school in May 2019 and is excited to begin her career as a massage therapist in the area. Massage has been a very healing experience in her own life, physically, emotionally and spiritually; and she hopes to spread that healing onto many more people.