Last Announcement!!

As January winds down, I have one last announcement to release for you all:

Bridal Packages! 

Brides are busy, and often stressed. Imagine how great a massage would feel before her wedding?! 

I've always loved the idea of offering specific Bridal Packages. I got a massage before my wedding and loved getting a little pampering before my wedding. It felt so good and took a little stress off before the big day. Whether you are the bride, or part of the bridal party, either of these options are great! 

    ($80) Pampered Bride

    • 60 minute customized massage for your bride
    • Extra 10 Minutes Spent on Head & Face OR Foot/Hand Reflexology
    • Can include any Essential Oils (Can Help with Stress!)
    • Small Gift Provided at end

    ($70/hour) Host a Spa Themed Bachelorette Party!

    • Chair Massage at Party
    • Each Massage up to Half Hour

    Now that everything has been announced, I have a promotions page! Check them all out here.