10 Easy Ways to Start Ditching Toxins

You may have seen my post on Insta and Facebook earlier this week about how I had a couple ah-ha moments on vacation about how easy ditching toxins can be.

Part of the post reads: “Today, I am thankful for my kiddos health. And even though I'm not perfect, I've been making some simple changes that are within my power to help keep them healthier. Some of you know that I have been on a journey of removing toxins from my home. I haven't shared a ton about it, but the truth is that getting rid of toxins, can also help with your pain and symptoms- and that is my passion. ❤

This past week, we've been camping and I've had a few ah-ha moments. They are 1) it's progress, not perfection. 2) Start small!! 3) Once you're on this side, you'll realize how big of a difference it makes and how they can really affect you. Many fragrances now give me a headache, and it's crazy to think that I didn't even used to smell them. 😱”

1) Natural Deodorant!

This does come with a detox period- it may take a month to completely let your body detox from what you were using previously. Grab a natural deodorant without aluminum or fragrance. My personal favorite is Primally Pure, but other brands include Native or Schmidt’s. This is an easy switch, because you’re probably buying it anyway, it’s just switching to a new brand!

Detox Tip: If you’re super smelly, rub some lemon in your arm pit, it’ll help to cleanse and detox the smell!

2) Dryer Balls

I never used dryer sheets, and when I did it felt like there was a film on all of my clothes. So, this one was easy for me from the start. But wool dyer balls are great! I got mine 3 for $10 at Wal-Mart, and once you purchase them, they last years! I just add a couple drops of essential oils and my clothes still come out smelling great. A few fav oils are lavender, purification and grapefruit.

3) Non-Scented Garbage Bags

This is actually what triggered this post. Do you realize how stinky scented garbage bags are?! It’s ironic actually, haha! They are very overpowering. This is also another super easy switch. Just grab the non-scented next time! This can also go for baby wipes, diapers, etc. Go non-scented.

4) Stop using perfume.

This might annoy some of you. And it was a gradual change for me, but eventually I just ditched everything. Now, I just don’t use anything, and enjoy the scent of my Primally Pure deodorant. The Blue Tansy is delightful. I also enjoy essential oils, so when I’m feeling fun, I’ll dab a bit of a flowery oil on. Don’t over do it though, one drop is enough!

5) Ditch the Windex

Say what?! How do I clean my windows? A couple months ago I got the purple Norwex cleaning cloth and it is THE BEST for windows. I only use it on my windows, actually. And, when I’m using that, I just use water and the cloth and I’m good to go. Check out their website for all the details, but I’m sold! Plus- no streaks! Like I said, the best.

6) Laundry Detergent

This is another place where you can just grab the non-scented. If I run out and have to use scented, it also is very perfumy. Some brands are worse than others, for example, I’ve noticed Gain is super overpowering. If you get free and clear, or non-scented, that is a great place to start. And BTW, I know you love it when your clothes smell clean, but they will still be clean with healthier detergent! I do challenge you to go even further though. Detergent has other toxins that are harmful. I love Thieves laundry detergent, and when I dilute it, I can get it for a little over $7/bottle. The bottle lasts about 3 weeks, so it is pretty comparable. I was pretty skeptical at first, but absolutely love it! It cleans well, and I only need to use a little bit.

7) Candles

Another fragrance thing! Are you starting to see why I just go by that one word? I almost forgot this one because I haven’t used them in so long. Candles also are filled with fragrance and other toxic chemicals. We ditched them for a diffuser! Just put a drop or two of essential oils, add some water, and enjoy lovely scent that is WAY healthier! And even has health benefits. Also, there are some ah-mazing recipes on Pinterest. Think beach days, fall scents, focus, anything you could want in a candle, you can do in the diffuser too!

8) All of the Cleaning Products

Switching to thieves cleaner has been my all time favorite switch, for two reasons. First, I use just one cleaner for EVERYTHING. I love it. I don’t have 2,156 cleaners under my sinks anymore. I don’t have to scavenge for the correct shower spray. I just grab my thieves cleaner and go to town. On everything. Counters, floors, sink, bathroom, stove, fridge, everything. The second reason I love it, IT WORKS. I have to tell you a little story. When my sister first got her Thieves cleaner, she called me, just pumped, because her cleaner worked so well! “Nikki! I just sprayed and wiped ONCE over the spot and it was gone! I would have had to scrub at that spot with my other cleaner. PLUS it smells so good!!”

And when I first got mine, you would have thought I was nesting. I cleaned my fridge, stove, floors…wowza. So if you like simplicity and clean product, this is your winner. Thieves cleaner does wonders. Another bonus, you’re ditching all of the junk that goes into your other cleaners. I can let my girls ‘clean’ all they want without worrying about it hurting them.

This is also super affordable, cheaper than your average bottle of cleaner from the store.

9) Makeup

Even though I don’t use a lot of makeup, I know that there are many ingredients in traditional makeup that is toxic. Many of the women I know who are also on this journey have been switching over their make up to brands that ensure non-toxic ingredients. I would encourage you to start reading labels, and checking out other brands. One brand that I know does a great job here is Beautycounter. Check them out!

10) Body Products

Think lotions, sprays, face wash, etc. Did you know that the average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day without knowing?! That’s insanity!! No wonder we have fatigue, and chronic inflammation. Again, remember to start small. I encourage you to check ingredients first of all. Also, is there anything you can completely cut from your routine? I don’t use anything to wash my face anymore. I just rinse my face with water and my face is doing better than it has in years! I also don’t use any moisturizers or lotions. In the winter months, when I have super dry skin, I use coconut oil with lavender and frankincense in it and it works wonders. I just put a little bit on before bed and my skin is amazing, all winter long. And this is coming from someone whose forehead always had a dry patch all winter long. I love my coconut oil! If you feel like you can’t cut anything from your routine, I simply encourage you to begin to make the switch to a safer products from brands such as Beautycounter or YoungLiving.

So there are my 10 ways to start making the switch and ditching those chemicals! It can feel overwhelming at first, but believe me, once you get further in, you will be so thankful! I recommend starting with the Thieves Cleaner. It was easy for me to ditch my cleaners one by one to start.

If you want to learn more, I am hosting a class on August 20th at 7pm! We will meet at Encompass Therapeutic Massage to learn all about ditching the toxins and how to do it. Head to Facebook to let me know if you will be attending!

If you have any questions, comment below, or send me an email!

xoxo, Nikki