Meet Nikki

So I've done a post about who I am as a therapist (find that post here), but you may be wondering who I am as a person!

Hi! I am Nikki! I was born and raised in the UP,  moved to Minneapolis for four years, and now am back. In those four years,  I went to massage school, gained crucial experience and started my own company. I also got married and had two beautiful baby girls, Ella & Mary.  Moving was a great experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the city life. The conveniences, the beautiful parks, the shopping, variety of restaurants, all of it. I did miss Lake Superior, especially on the 90 degree days. Whew! I would encourage anyone to move away from their hometown at least once. I came out of my shell, and learned a lot about myself. I grew in many different ways, but mostly how to be more outgoing. But, now that I'm home, I love this too.

What do I love about life?

  • My family. My two kids, my husband, our parents, siblings, ect. We have a huge family and it's awesome.

  • Learning via reading, podcasts, listening, asking questions. I want to continue to learn always. There is so much to know!

  • Baking. There is something about baking a recipe successfully that is so satisfying.

  • Fall Days. Need I say more?

  • Sports. Especially watching them now that I am home!

  • Travel. My goal is to get to one new place/state each year. I've been hitting that goal so far! I also have a goal to get to each state. International sounds amazing, but there is so much to see and do here in the USA!

Favorite Quote:

“Good as it is to inherit a library, it is better to collect one.” 
― Augustine Birrell

I Believe...

  • In God

  • Life is about balance, in all things

  • If you don't use it, you lose it (muscle, things I've learned, ect.)

That's me! Welcome to my journey as I start a new business! I hope you enjoy the ride! 

xoxo, Nikki






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