Post Massage: How can I help my results last?

You may feel great after a massage, but not know what to do afterwards. Here is a short guide to answer some questions:


I will often recommend to drink water after a massage. There isn't evidence that massage releases toxins, which can be the thought of some people, but water is essential for our health.

Did you know that you should drink at lease half of your body weight in oz of water everyday?! I recently started tracking how much water I drink each day, and it's really opened my eyes. I wasn't drinking nearly enough! This can be a problem for most of us. 

What does water do? Your body is composed of about 60% water. The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. 

Water is extremely important for our bodies, and it should always be a priority.


Many times after a massage you may feel sore the day after. As mentioned previously, this doesn't necessarily mean toxin release. Think about it this way. When you don't work out for a while, you get sore after a workout right? That is how I work. I am "working out" muscles manually that haven't been worked in a while.  However, just as with exercise, when your body adjusts to having this type of workout, your physical response will also be less intense. 

Neurological sensitivity, or "sensitization," looks at the "whole response of what's going on in a person." Massage provides a significant amount of input to the central nervous system and the body responds to that increased information. Pain and other occasional after-effects may be the result of a system that has received more information than it can handle at that particular time. 

Along with soreness, may come inflammation. Icing will help to decrease some of that pain and inflammation and it's easy to do in the evening while you're relaxing! 


Try to do a few stretches each day, especially on the muscles which are affected. I can show you a few stretches before you leave so that you have some direction. Most are really simple and only take a few minutes out of your day, but make a big difference in your life!

Another option is to go to a yoga class, that will not only stretch your muscles, but is a great workout too! Not to mention the benefits! (I highly recommend Supernova Yoga)

PS- I am also going to have a YouTube channel up soon, so that you can do the stretches at home, with some guidance! Keep your eyes open for more on that, coming soon!

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is the perfect compliment for Massage Therapy. If your vertebrae are out of alignment, and I loosen your muscles, that's great, but you may still be having pain from those misalignments. Also, those misalignments may make your muscles tighten up more quickly if you don't get adjusted. It is the same the other way around too. If you get adjusted, but your muscles are tight, those muscles may make it feel like the adjustment didn't do anything because the muscles pull those vertebrae back out of place. If you have both therapies, then not only will your nervous system be on track, your massage will hold better too! 

Daily Life

Your muscles are probably tight from repetitive movements or an injury. Many of us do the same thing day in and day out, therefore doing very repetitive movements. The thing is, you can't quit your job, so how can you keep doing what you do without getting so tight?

  • Respect your muscles. They were not designed to be held for long periods in a sustained contraction or in a fixed position. Vary your tasks each day. Lift very carefully.

  • Slow your working pace, and take short rests frequently, especially if feeling muscle fatigue.

  • Always watch your posture when sitting, reading, using the computer car or phone. Take breaks while in these positions to break up the activity. 

Remember: We are a team! I can help you with pain through massage therapy, but you can get better results if you take care of yourself at home! Self care is always important for the best results.