Hey, Hey! It's been awhile! I lost my inspiration for a bit there. In my head, I have been blaming it on this pregnancy (Yes, I'm pregnant with #3!), but really it's been an internal battle. The battle is mostly the fact that I want to be more 'me'. Not that I haven't- I LOVE to educate, and that's what I have been focusing on. I think I mean being more diverse and letting you in on the relaxed me, the me who is a mom, and an entrepreneur and everything in between. This would mostly be on social media. (Follow me on Instagram @encompasstm & on Facebook at Encompass Therapeutic Massage). So I am going to try that. One of my biggest battles with this is that it isn't natural. My phone is either dead, away from me, or I think "Oh-that would have been a good thing to post!" hours after it happened. Haha! 

So, with that being said, have patience with me as I learn how to let my guard down a little, and *hopefully* you'll see more fun content from this end. 

Let's be clear though, I still want to educate, and show you how massage can help make your life better! 

With that being said, I want to share with you our pregnancy announcement that I shared on my personal pages last week! 

Ella, my oldest, is teaching Mary the ropes on being a big sis! We are sure excited for September!