5 Things You Should Believe

Hey you! Have you ever gotten into a massage and then freaked out internally because you might have forgotten to shave, or shower before you come?! 

If so,  read this. This is a list of 5 things that I wish you would believe when I tell you. I am serious, I mean it! Just relax, don't stress! 

1.  I don't care if you haven't shaved in the last 24 hours

No really, I don't care. I don't even notice! I massage hairy men and that doesn't bother me either. I wouldn't even notice if it's been a week or a month. So relax! Enjoy your massage and remember, no need to stress.

2. Feet don't bother me

If feet bothered me, I probably wouldn't be a massage therapist. I personally enjoy receiving foot massages A LOT, so I want you to as well! If you've worked all day, or your feet are dry, that is ay-okay. If your feet are dry, the lotion will help! If you've worked all day, your feet will probably say "Thank-You!" So ENJOY it! If your feet are ticklish-that's another story. Tell me about that. :)

3. No need to shower

I use lotion all throughout my massages, so if you shower right before you come to get a massage, you will probably want to shower right afterwards as well. I actually feel better if you haven't showered recently (as long as you haven't done tons of heavy labor) because then I don't worry about getting lotion in your hair. 

4. Communicate!

I try to remember to tell first time clients to talk to me about pressure. If you want more, or if what you're getting is too much, tell me! I won't ever get annoyed or offended about how much pressure you prefer. In fact, I LOVE when you speak up! It lets me know that you will communicate throughout our time together. Plus, this is your time, your hour, I want you to enjoy it as much as possible.

5. Everything I do is to serve you

Sometimes, when I am working on Trigger Points, it doesn't feel all that great. But I want you to remember, this is for you! I want you to have a better quality of life, to live with less pain, less headaches. To be able to do your daily activities and chores easier, with more range of motion. And, when you experience that, I will celebrate with you! So please remember, I have the best of intentions, always. 

That's all for now, and remember, don't stress!

Best of health,