Combined Therapies

I recommend a few different things after you receive a massage including drinking water, stretching, icing at times. But that list is missing one big one for me. Chiropractic care. Chiropractic Care is one of the best therapies to combine with Massage Therapy. Over the years I have seen many many clients progress their healing much more quickly when they get both chiropractic and massage. 

What is Chiropractic Care?

Not only have I received chiropractic care since childhood, I also worked in a Chiropractic Clinic for about three years. I learned all about the profession and why it is so necessary. Chiropractic Care can combine a few therapies but the basic idea is that the doctor manipulates any vertebrae in your spinal column that may be out of alignment, back into alignment. This is so important because your spinal column houses a lot of your nerves and protects them. This also means that if you have a vertebrae out of place, you may have some nervous system symptoms. This could include radiating pain down your limbs, numbness or tingling. All in all, chiropractors focus on the spinal column and making sure your vertebrae are in alignment. This ensures that your nervous system is running at best that it can.

How does Massage Fit In?

Okay, so here is my piece. Yay! I work on muscles, and chiropractors work on bones. Very simple right? Well let's go more in depth. Let's say you always get massages, but have never had chiropractic care. Your muscles may relax very well and you may feel great for a while. Or you may not get a lot of relief if you have a lot of pain and tension. Why not?! I, as a massage therapist can relax your muscles but I cannot put your vertebrae back into place. If you have a some misalignments, those could pull on muscles and make them tight again, making my care not as effective as it could be. Likewise, if you only get chiropractic care and not massage, tight muscles could quickly pull those vertebrae back out of place. I've heard many people say "I've tried Chiropractic Care but it didn't really do anything for me." Yes! Because A. You have to keep going for your body to accept the adjustment and stay in place, and B. Tight muscles could be pulling those adjustments out again! Try Massage Therapy! 

Combined Care

As I said earlier, combining therapies is a huge win. Not only will your vertebrae be in place, but your muscles will be relaxed as well. That way they aren't battling with one another and you will most likely feel better for longer. I recommend that if you're coming in for a massage, to get chiropractic care sometime in that same week. I do this as well and it feels amazing. In fact, just this week I was experiencing headaches. I got an adjustment (it felt like he adjusted the spot where my pain was coming from) and I also got a massage. The massage felt great to relieve some stress and tension from my neck and shoulders too. And guess what? I no longer have headaches! These therapies are so amazing and can do so much for you by fixing the problem, not just treating the symptoms.


Since I'm telling you to go and get chiropractic care, I better give some recommendations too! I have been seeing Dr. Davin Isaacson at Discover Chiropractic in Hancock, MI. He has done a great job at keeping me in alignment and is also very affordable. My favorite thing about him is that he is gentle, but also effective. He takes his time to make sure he is adjusting what is necessary as well. My girls and I both love him! Call him at 906.482.4900. (This is NOT an ad, he doesn't even know I'm writing this, haha!)

When I was a kid, I saw, and loved Dr. David Hill. I haven't tried him since I moved back to the UP, but he has been highly recommended as well. My sister-in-law LOVES him and has been helped with a lot of things including athlete injuries. His phone number is 906.482.6100. (Again, not an ad.)

If you get chiropractic care, leave a comment for others who your favorite chiropractor is and why! I know I always feel much more confident going to see someone who has been recommended to me! 

Oofda, this got a little long! Thanks to all of you who read the whole thing! This is something that is important to me, and I'm glad I finally sat down and wrote it.