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5 Ways to Beat the January Funk

The holidays are over, the company has gone away, and it's grey. All the time. It's the middle of winter and you know that spring isn't coming anytime soon. You start to feel yourself slipping into a funk. Or the winter blues. 

Does this sound like you? It was for me last January. I was also newly pregnant and so tired. I slept a lot and felt so blah. But how can you change it? At some point last winter I decided enough was enough, I was going to enjoy winter and climb out of my funk. I know here in the UP, so many of us get the winter blues, so I wanted to let you know what helped for me.  

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Top 5 Podcasts

I discovered podcasts about a year ago. It was a life changer. Dishes aren’t nearly as dreadful to do when I can be entertained by a podcast at the same time! I also love to put one going on walks, car rides, anywhere really. Learn and do life at the same time?! Win-win. I used to say I would love to be a professional student (nerdy I know), but now I don’t have to, because there are so many podcasts, that you could learn almost anything you wanted to for FREE!! How awesome is that?!

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Combined Therapies

I recommend a few different things after you receive a massage including drinking water, stretching, icing at times. But that list is missing one big one for me. Chiropractic care. Chiropractic Care is one of the best therapies to combine with Massage Therapy. Over the years I have seen many many clients progress their healing much more quickly when they get both chiropractic and massage. 

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