Hot Stones

I can’t believe how many days I’ve seen snow and it’s only October 15th! It made me go dig for my sweaters and cozy blankets. In my space, that also means the hot stones get heated up! Have you ever had hot stones as apart of a massage? If you haven’t, you have to try it! It feels so good on those cold days, especially in the middle of the winter when it can be even colder. If you are a little nervous about hot stones, you’re in the right place. I’m here to tell you what it’s all about.

What is Hot Stone?

Hot Stone massage is done the same as a normal massage, but I used smooth, heated rocks as tools throughout the massage. They are just like those smooth Lake Superior rocks. With hot stone, you still get what you want, just added with the relaxation of the hot rocks.

Hot stones are used as a moist heat therapy. I learned to use hot stones as tools to help relieve tension and restrictions from your muscles and fascia. They are also great for relaxation. The heat of the stones helps to get into the tissues more quickly, at a deeper level and help to relax the body at the same time. Hot stone has benefits of helping with muscle tension, pain relief, improving circulation, and easing mental stress and anxiety. Plus, when you’re cold, it will heat you up quickly, even if you feel chilled to the bone.

Some people get worried about whether they might get burned or if the stones will be super hot. I will not burn you. It’s my job to make sure the rocks are hot, but not too hot. Also, I have to hold the rocks the whole time I’m using them, so they can’t be too hot for me either. If a rock is too hot when I take it out of the crock-pot (where it heats up), I will just let it sit until it cools down.

The only catch with hot stone is that they take awhile to get hot. Please make sure to mention that you would like Hot Stone when booking your appointment. That way, I can make sure the stones are at the proper temperature when you arrive for your appointment.

Try hot stone this winter, you won’t be disappointed!

Best of Health,