Men Need Massage Too

I want you to think about the men in your life. What characteristics do they have? Hard working? Provider? Stubborn? Men take great pride in providing for their families, and most do a pretty darn good job of it too. You know what else they can be good at? Putting themselves on the back burner, "getting through the pain", or saying, "Ah, I'm good, it'll buff out." Sound familiar? Yeah, same here.

But do you want to know a couple secrets?

1. Men tend to be SO tight and have lots of knots. Many work in heavy labor jobs and put lots of strain on their bodies, and endure it day after day, year after year. When the tension gets bad, they will just ignore it or hope it will go away eventually.

2. Almost every single time a dude comes in, he says “Why didn’t I do this two years ago?! (Or 6 months ago, or last year or last month…you get the idea.)

I just wanted to put this out there, massage is great for men too!

I have a story for you:

I have a client who started coming in a few months back. He works with his arms out a lot, putting lots of pressure on his neck, upper back and arms. The first time he came in, he could barely turn his head and had shooting pains down his right arm. He had been travelling some and on the entire drive the pain in his arm was almost unbearable.

This pain had been bothering him for over two years! You guys, years!! In his defense, he had been seeing the chiropractor, and that helped some. But, then he said yes to trying massage. I worked on his necks, shoulders, arms and back that day, all of which were very tight and filled with trigger points. When I saw him the week after, he was amazed at how much better he felt! He could move his neck! His arm wasn’t perfect, but feeling way better. Why had he waited so long, he wondered?? Now, after a few more sessions, he has little to no pain, and can turn his head fully. He plans to continue to take care of himself instead of letting all of that tension build up and wreak havoc.

Why am I telling you this? To brag? Absolutely not. I am telling you this because I see this time and time again. He waits WAY too long to come in and then wonders why he did. The pain is gone after a few sessions (generally). He can now sleep better, work easier, enjoy life without that nagging pain in his shoulder, neck and arm.

Do you know someone like this? Maybe your husband rolls his neck around at night but acts like it’s fine if you ask? They have feet pain but say “it’s probably normal”? It’s not normal! And it can be helped! Encourage your man to take a little time for himself, right now, and to stop acting like a tough guy. It’ll be worth it.

I hope you’re having a great week!

Best of Health,