Word of the Year

Have you heard of having a word of the year to focus on? It’s basically choosing a word that you focus on throughout the year to help change your life in that area. This year, I chose growth. It’s super interesting, because at the beginning of the year, I thought I would try it and see what happened. I wanted growth in many areas of life. I wanted to grow my business first and foremost, but also my relationship with Matt, I wanted to have another baby (grow him), and to become a better version of myself.

I need to back up a minute. What led to me even choosing a word in the first place? When we moved from MN to MI, I thought finances would be better. After all, we were going to have a rent that was 1/4 of what it was in MN, hardly any commuting, Matt would get a regular pay check….and on and on. But it wasn’t so. Summer of 2017 was the hardest summer of my life. We were living less then paycheck to paycheck. I’m talking the bank account would be negative hundreds of dollars, so we would already be way behind when we received Matt’s checks. There were many times that we needed formula for Mary and had absolutely NO money. Then someone would book a massage, making it possible to feed our child. (Thank YOU!!) We had no credit cards, so that wasn’t an option. This was a choice on our part, because I had already maxed out a bunch and didn’t trust myself to get another one. I had to borrow money from family, which is slightly humiliating. Finally, at one point, I had a breakdown, was brought to my knees and said ENOUGH. I REFUSE to live like this anymore. Refuse. What can I do to stop this? How can I live a better life? And that’s what started a big journey of growth for me. I needed to grow my business, to believe that I could and be thankful for everything that I did already have.

At about this time, I discovered podcasts. I fell in love with those, and learning how successful people ran their lives. That has been a really big tool in my life. I’m not sure where I heard about the one word, but I decided then that I would have one for 2018. I thought about what it might be for a couple weeks before settling on Growth.

And now, looking back on 2018, all I can say is WOW. I sure did grow. I grew a beautiful baby boy, my business has been blowing my mind, and my relationship with Matt is better then ever. I have learned through coaching (one of the things the successful people continuously recommended) how to not believe the lies in my head and how to break down walls. It has been an AWESOME year. Of course there were hard times and trials, but through hard work and having faith, I can confidently say that I have grown. And that we aren’t living in a state of constant stress financially. It’s so much better to be on this side. I am so grateful.

So, I was thinking about all of this and have been thinking about a 2019 word. What could it be? Finally, a word came. Next years word is ABUNDANCE. Abundance of love, happiness, joy, money, clients. So that’s where I’m going in 2019.

I would love to know if you’ll choose a word, and what it is! This is fun to choose one, and then see where it goes. Some ideas could be fun, happiness, health, gratitude…the list goes on.

Let me know!