Hey all! I hope August is treating you well. It definitely is for me. We have enjoyed a few beach days as a family, I've been booked solid in my massage schedule (book out!!), and baby is growing and looking great. This business of mine has been amazing, and I want to continue to grow and offer you more and to improve your experience in any way I can. I will always massage, but I want to grow and expand as an individual, massage therapist and business owner. 

One thing that has gotten me thinking is how you can feel better at home in between sessions. How can I help you achieve that? I can show you stretches (more coming on YouTube soon!) that will help to keep everything lengthened and feeling good, I can give you tips on how to feel better, but I can also offer products such as lotions or Essential Oils to help relieve stress, pain, tension while we aren't together. 

Selling Young Living:

This brings me to my point. I will be selling Young Living Essential Oils and Products! I want to (and do) offer some products, but I need to expand this. All of the products I offer thus far are products made by me, with Essential Oils added to them for effectiveness. I currently have a stress relief lotion, a pain lotion and a couple lip balms to offer. These products will change with different seasons. These are great for helping you at home when you cannot necessarily get a massage, but need to do something to help your state of mind, or physical state. Maybe you are stressed, or have some pain coming back. Essential Oils are great for these, and much more! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I use only Young Living products because I trust that they are pure, without any additives and aren't diluted at all. They are the real deal, and can be trusted. My family and I have used them for years and love them all. I also use lots of Young Living products and can trust that they aren't toxic. I especially love this concept since having kids. These are the main reasons why I will be supplying only Young Living Essential Oils and Products in my space.

With all of the above being said, it may be a slow process getting stock where I want it to be. I still will make products with Young Living Essential Oils in them, and customize them for each season. I also will be adding essential oils themselves to my stock slowly but surely. I will start with the most common and add as I can. 

If you want a specific essential oil, let me know, I can order that for you! That is one of the best parts of this, is that even if I don't have it now, I can get it shortly.  This includes any oil, or if you want a starter kit as well, let me know.

I also want to add that I will still be my same self, and will not be pushy for sales. I simply want to enhance your care, so that you can have longer periods of feeling great at home. Or if you cannot get it, I want you to have a way to help yourself. If I suggest something, it will be from a place of love and for what is truly best for you. 

Best of Health,