Pre-Natal Care: Part 1

Here I am at 11:24pm, starting this blog post. We don't have a baby yet, insomnia just hits me hard at this stage of pregnancy. So, what could be better then writing a blog post about my pregnancy?? I am due in four days and we cannot wait. My girls are asking every day to hold the baby and Ella asks quite frequently. "Mom, can we get the baby out today?" I wish honey, I wish. 

I have been thinking about this post for awhile. I had an amazing pregnancy, and I wanted to share some of the reasons why. I felt good for the first two as well, but I had some extra knowledge this time that I believe helped. My story begins last fall. 

Before Pregnancy:

I did my first Whole 30 last fall. And yes, I know, this isn't for everyone, but the Whole 30 taught me how to think about food a little differently and taught me that eating healthy doesn't have to be hard. No, I don't eat healthy all of the time, but I feel like I make better choices because I went through it. I  noticed lots of bloating and inflammation disappear, which was my main goal. At this time I was also working out consistently, and most likely the most healthy I have ever been. I remember having so much JOY. I was so happy I could just scream! Add the beautiful fall days to that and life was perfect. Not saying that my life isn't like that now. I am still so happy and grateful, it's just that I don't have the same energy when I'm pregnant. All of those healthy choices in my life set me up for a healthier pregnancy. 

I found out I was pregnant in early January and got hit with fatigue. I have never been SO tired while pregnant, and I was CONVINCED it was twins. But nope, only one baby was there. So then I chalked it up to the fact that it was winter, and I already had a two and one year old taking up a lot of my energy. But, as you also might know about me, I love listening to podcasts. One of the regulars I listen to is Bulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey. He is the one who invented Bulletproof Coffee. I was listening one day and he mentioned the first book he wrote "The Better Baby Book." He said that because of their lifestyle change, his wife got pregnant after being infertile and doing this would ensure having the happiest, healthiest, smartest baby possible. I was intrigued. 


Some of the major points from the book I already knew. They including making sure you exercise and eat right during pregnancy. He gave really detailed information about why organic, grass-fed food is best. But the best information I got from the book weren't those two things, it was concerning supplements. Most of us have been told to go grab a pre-natal vitamin from your local pharmacy, and take one tablet/capsule per day, for the entire pregnancy. I have wondered, but never looked into it, how all of the necessary supplements for pregnancy be put into one tablet per day?? Have you ever wondered the same thing? Dave totally destroyed this and said that it's great marketing to "Take one a day," but it doesn't give your body nearly enough of the the supplements it needs for you to feel great or for the baby to be as healthy as it could be. Game Changer. 

So, my first step after reading this book was adding more supplements into my diet. One of the biggest ones was Vitamin D. I upped that a TON, and noticed quickly. My winter blues went away, and I had way more energy. Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to autism, and many other diseases, so I wanted to ensure I was taking a good amount of this. 

The other most important thing I did with supplements was that I went to Amora Wellness & Gifts, in Laurium and got healthier prenatal vitamins. I didn't want gummies (mostly sugar), and I know that JIll does lots of research before putting a product on her shelves. It's so nice knowing I can just walk in and buy what I need without concern. When I read the recommended daily dose, guess what I saw? Take six, yes SIX capsules per day!! NO wonder I didn't feel good just taking one vitamin! Plus, these capsules didn't even have everything Dave recommended, so I have been taking more then six capsules. 

A few other things I grabbed at Amora included Fish Oils, Calcium, Iron, & B Complex. I didn't even get everything Dave recommended, but even getting up to speed on these supplements made me feel SO much better. My husband Matt now knows to tell me to take my supplements if I have been acting super tired. I feel better after just one dose. I also have to call myself out and say that I'm not awesome at taking vitamins every day, but when I do, I notice a HUGE difference and that makes me want to stay on track. 

Taking the right supplements and ENOUGH of these supplements has been the biggest day to day changer for pregnancy. I feel great, and have more energy. The end is tiring, but isn't it always? I totally recommend going to Amora Wellness and Gifts for your supplements, or if you don't live in the area, go to a small wellness store that you can trust. This makes all of the difference. That way I know the supplements aren't filled with fillers instead of the vitamins I need. 

Food and Activity:

I do also stay active and *try* to eat healthy during pregnancy. These are both very important and totally help too. I could be better about food and that would probably make me feel the best. But, maybe I'll make sure I'm eating great next pregnancy...

Stay tuned for a second blog post about my pre-natal care. That one will be more about what you can do if you start feeling pain or aches during pregnancy...and what my favorite therapies are! 

I loved The Better Baby Book, and if you want detailed reasons of why this is all great, or just more information, I totally recommend it. I do own the book, so if you're local and want to borrow it, let me know. 

Thanks for following along, 


...hope I can fall asleep now! ;)

P.S. If you want specific doses, let me know. I can check what Dave recommends. I don't have the book at home with me to add the information now,  but I can grab it from my space.