Massage for Athletes

I can't believe fall sports are back in session! It brings back many memories of days spent in the gym on those hot August days. I love volleyball and can't wait to catch a few games this fall. And football. Basically, I can get into any sport when I start watching haha. I have a couple nephews who play football, so that makes it all the more intense. 

If you play sports or know someone who does, you know that in the next few weeks, athlete's be conditioning a lot and putting their bodies to the test physically. Learning new skills, honing old ones, and being expected to perform is all part of the game. Competition does not begin when the games start, but when positions are being filled within a squad. What if you could give your body an extra push to move a little smoother, have a little more range of motion, or have a little less restriction all around?

Massage can do this. Even if you don't feel like you're in pain currently, or have an injury that needs rehabbing (massage does wonders for these too), massage can give you the extra little edge you need to get the position you have been fighting for. You see, many athletes are strong, but also restricted. My goal is for you to have strong AND flexible muscles. Stretching can help with this, but massage can get into each muscle and release any restrictions. 

There could be restrictions in the muscles and fascia all throughout your body, but probably more so in the areas where you use the most muscles. If you are a quarter back. you might have restriction in your upper back and shoulders. I can go into those areas and release any tight muscles and fascia through deep tissue and trigger point massage. These massages are known to increase Range of Motion, release trigger points and improve function throughout the muscles. 

So if you or someone you know is starting sports in the next week, let them know that massage can give them the extra edge to perform just a little bit better to help get them that position they are fighting for, or to perform well on the field during games. I can work with them to make sure they are performing to the best of their ability. 

Happy playing! I can't wait to catch a few games this fall.