Maintenance Care

Remember this teaser from the last blog? “What is Point C? Point C is when you can go a month without pain. When you tell me that you have never been this pain free. When you are able to do activities you haven’t been able to do in years. Point C is why I do what I do. And when you get there, I am almost as elated as you are. It’s an amazing place to be. So keep going.“

Point C. Such an amazing place to be. The thing is, unless you had an injury, pain may start to come back little by little. Not right away, but maybe after a couple months. It will come back more quickly if the pain you experienced in the first place was pain created from overuse. This could be overuse at work, or something you do in your everyday life. The thing is, if you don’t stop doing the activity that is creating the pain, your muscles will begin to suffer again.

So once you hit Point C, I recommend maintenance care.

Maintenance care looks different for everyone. Some people I know can go for three months and feel great while others come in every month. It probably has to do with the stress in your life and how you deal with it, but that is a topic for another day. When we get to Point C, or to the point where you don’t have pain like you used to, and can live your daily life pain free, that is when maintenance care comes up. I always start at 4 weeks, and try that for awhile. Then, if you come in feeling great, I push it back a little. Most of my clients fall in the month-6 weeks range before feeling a little tight, a little stressed and just ready for a massage. But hey-what a great way to de-stress, with a monthly massage! If you are really doing great, I just recommend getting back in when you feel the need to. (Yes there are people like that in this world, haha!)

And if you haven’t heard, I have a great deal called the Encompass Membership that works really really great for the maintenance stage. What is it, you ask? Well, let me outline it for you.

The Encompass Membership:

On the 1st of each month, you’ll be auto-debited $65 (save $5!) to use towards your massage that month.

All products will be 10% off for all members! Even essential oils!

Get 10% off any extra services during the month!

Get a monthly email just for Members that will include freebies and member only Discount Codes!

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This has been THE solution to making sure you’re always on the schedule, and my way to show you that I totally appreciate my regular clients. My favorite part is that when you get off of the table, you don’t have to leave that zen state to pay, and to book another appointment (it’s usually already booked). The only way I could make it better would be to drive you home too! Hey there’s an idea…


The point is, maintenance care is important, and I want to ensure you are feeling great, and I want to especially ensure that you don’t go back to where you were at.