From A-B

So you’ve had pain for months, a year, maybe many years. That sucks, right? Well, maybe you saw my blog post a couple weeks ago about trying Trigger Point Therapy, when you’ve tried everything else. I’m here today to talk about taking this a bit further. I want you to understand that if you have been having pain that you consider chronic, that means it’s been there for a long time. This also means that because it’s been there for awhile does not mean that your pain will go away after one session with me. Although that would be amazing, it’s just not realistic.

So what does it take to release your pain? Let’s walk through what I generally recommend for people. Keep in mind that each person is different, but a plan from me on chronic pain will usually look something like the following.

When we first meet, I use the first session to see where I am feeling the tension and stress. Yes, it’s also for you to start feeling better, but for me it’s kind of like getting to know you. I can then say, “Here is where I feel the tension, and this is where I would like to focus next time.” Then, the following sessions I know right where your tension is, and I can really focus on that and making sure we are getting releases.

Starting off, I like to see you about once a week. In an ideal world, this would last about 3-4 weeks, so that we can really start busting up that tension, getting more range of motion and getting you back on your feet. This time can be really frustrating, so it’s best to get through it as soon as possible. Why is it frustrating? It’s frustrating because you will get a massage, feel great and then many times you will have your pain back within two days. You will most likely feel frustrated, annoyed, or maybe like you’re not getting anywhere. This is normal. The MOST important thing you can do right now is to stick with it. To remember that “Hey, at least I had two days of feeling better!” and “At least I get to get in again soon!” With each session, you will start to notice that you feel a little better for a little longer. After the 3rd or 4th session, people generally last at least a week with no pain. At this point, it can be really exciting because you may not have felt like this for a long time, years or in some cases for as long as you can remember!

This is also another dangerous stage. Because you’re feeling so great you may think, “I’m good, I don’t need to continue that treatment plan.” Don’t fall into that trap! You will be feeling good, but it may not last for months like you were hoping. Instead, that pain may creep back in slowly until you’re back to where you’re started. This is what I don’t want. This is the entire reason for a treatment plan. When you are not dealing with intense pain on a daily basis, that is Point B. Point A is where you started. If you fall off of that treatment plan, you may end up back at Point A. Yes, because you had work it will be easier to get to Point B, but I am here to say that if you stay on track, Point C is amazing!

What is Point C? Point C is when you can go a month without pain. When you tell me that you have never been this pain free. When you are able to do activities you haven’t been able to do in years. Point C is why I do what I do. And when you get there, I am almost as elated as you are. It’s an amazing place to be. So keep going.

After coming in once a week for 3 weeks, and you feel good for a whole week, then I start seeing you every 2 weeks. When you feel good for 2 weeks, then I see you every 3 weeks. This continues until we find what a great maintenance schedule is for you and your body. Some people come in once a month and that works great for them. Others can push it to six weeks. It really is different for everyone, so I work with you individually to nail down what that is. I won’t go more into that here, I’ll save it for another post.

So if you have been struggling with chronic pain, please please get on my schedule. I would love to be on your team of getting you well and helping you feel great. And if I can’t do it, I will for sure recommend you elsewhere for other treatment. I want to help, it’s my passion. Pain, even headaches is so debilitating, but there can be an answer. Trigger Point Therapy can be that answer.

As always,

Best of Health to you,